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Florida Gator Fans Like to Tailgate

By Florida Gators Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Gator Football faithful fans make the trip to Gainesville, Florida to participate in the tradition tailgating and football. Don't you want to join them in this fabulous experience?


Tailgating Parking: 

Traffic to campus starts getting pretty bad around 10am of game-day. But, we recommend getting to tailgate earlier than that, so you miss out on traffic, crowds, and frustration. 

So, if you get there early enough (usually before 9am), you can park on campus. Find any available space on the grass, if that’s not marked off with tape or cones or a sign, and pull on in. Don't worry, lots of other people will be doing this, and it's free! 
Otherwise, you can drive up University Avenue to pay for parking at a house. It will cost anywhere from $10 and $30 depending on your distance to the stadium. This is a fun option because you can usually party with the people hosting the parking, and who doesn't like making new friends. They usually provide a keg, beer-pong, a TV, and other fun stuff. 


Tailgating Location:

Feel free to tailgate at your parking space, or anywhere else on campus. However, be aware that you can drink at your tailgating spot on campus, but as soon as you take your beverage onto the street, you’ll likely be ticketed by the Gainesville Police Department. It will generally work to put your drink into a cup, so it's not so obvious to the police. And if you keep things civil and respectable, you won't be bothered. 

Do not miss out on this experience that makes football even more fun. Get your tickets now so you can see the Florida Gator football game after you tailgate!